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Many patients come to Dr. Ettienne Van Zyl for TMD or TMJ treatment. Common TMJ symptoms include jaw pain, joint pain, upper and lower back pain, chronic headaches, vertigo, hearing loss, ear aches, tingling or numbness in the fingers, and more. Dr. Van Zyl has helped many Rogers, AR, patients successfully alleviate their TMJ symptoms with customized treatment plans that focus on bringing harmony between the teeth, joints, and jaw.

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TMJ or TMV is an area of dentistry that has just completely fascinated and obsessed me. It's like a big, giant jigsaw puzzle that you have to put together. There are so many symptoms associated with TMJ or TMD that people don't even realize. You can have tingling and numbness in your fingers that could be associated with something going on in your jaw. You could have upper and lower back pain because of what's happening in and around your jaw. You can have hearing loss, you can have ringing in your ears, or buzzing noise in your ears. You could feel like there's water in your ear all the time when there's nothing wrong with your ear. You could have joint pain, you could have jaw pain, you could have pain referred to your teeth, you could have chronic headaches, can have migraines, you could have dizziness, vertigo. Many of these symptoms are often associated with TMD, Temporomandibular Dysfunction. What I do with TMJ patients is we listen to the physiology of the body. We don't determine where the jaw needs to sit; we let the body tell us where it needs to be. Then we realign the jaw so that the teeth will function in harmony with the muscles and the joint instead of fighting one another.

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