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At the Rogers, AR, dental practice of Dr. Ettienne Van Zyl, patients can receive beautiful, tooth-colored dental fillings. Metal or amalgam filings were very popular years ago, but with advances in dental materials, tooth-colored composite resin fillings are now the preferred filling option for many dentists, including Dr. Van Zyl. Patients are pleased with the seamless, natural-looking appearance of tooth-colored fillings, and best of all, these fillings are completely metal-free.

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Metal-free dental fillings have been around for quite some time, and with the advances in dental materials, we have come to a place where they're very reliable and can last for a long time if we honor the properties and follow the directions on how to use them effectively in a mouth. My philosophy has not been one to be too radical and too hard on the old silver ones. I will not place another one, because I feel that the tooth colored ones we have now work just as well. Some people still claim that the silver ones last longer. I always tell them the white ones will last just as long as people put poison in that one also. The interesting thing to me is that the FDA still allows the amalgam to be placed, and it's for this reason. When I use a amalgam in the office, I cannot throw it in the trash can. Because it's a hazardous waste. It'll contaminate the environment. But it is okay to put in your tooth. So I can't reconcile the tooth. I might get maybe a hair or two longer lifespan out of the silver one than out of the tooth colored one, but at what cost? We don't know how to fix individuals. I'm not overly concerned about the amount of mercury that are in them. I think if you eat a lot of fish, you probably get plenty of mercury that way and our environment is contaminated. We just have to do the best to manage the pollutions as much as we can. And so my office, people don't want silver teeth. They want white teeth. We can effectively use the materials we have that last quite some time, if we stay within the parameters of the property limit of materials. We can provide beautiful restorations. Looks like nobody's ever had a filling done. And that's my goal when I do the tooth colored fillings, is to blend it with the surrounding tooth structure so that it disappears. And then also if somebody looks, they can't tell that there was a filling done.

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