Dr. Ettienne Van Zyl is a specialist in the field of orthodontics and has helped numerous patients receive quality dental care at his Rogers, AR, practice, Ozark Comprehensive Dentistry. Traditional metal braces are a popular orthodontia treatment option for patients, especially children, who are looking to straighten their teeth or realign their bite. At the practice of Dr. Van Zyl, we offer traditional braces, invisible braces, and neuromuscular braces.

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Braces are one of those things that children want, and they don't want. They come in and say, "Mom, when is it time for me to have braces? Can I have braces?" And then within about three or four months, when they sit down in a chair for adjustments, and they say, "When are they coming off?" So it's kind of interesting, but it's a wonderful way of ensuring not only straight teeth, but muscular balance. There's pretty good evidence now that kids that are diagnosed with Scoliosis can be helped by fixing their bite. We know the spine is, you're not born with a crooked spine. It's environmental forces that pull on that spine and make it crooked. I know how the muscles work, and how the muscles that are in the head and the jaw, how they affect the muscles up and down the spinal column. So there's definitely a connection between facial muscles, and back muscles. Something is making the neck muscles pull. And all we can think is that the top (?) is to blame for that. Sometimes it has to do with leg length, as you call leg length, but for the most part it has to do with jaw muscles. And the muscles in the head that force the ones down the back work. So braces cannot only straighten teeth, they can also straighten the back, if we take that into account. Patients always have the ability to choose one way or the other. I don't force anybody down a certain road. I educate them. Every patient has the option to do neuromuscular braces, which cost more, because there's more involved. And regular braces, where we just deal with the teeth. So people get to choose which one they want to have done.

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