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Ozark Comprehensive Dentistry, located in Rogers, AR, offers patients a number of general dentistry solutions. Dr. Van Zyl stresses the importance of each patient maintaining a thorough cleaning regimen at home, while also receiving professional cleanings in his office twice a year. Some of our general dentistry services include professional teeth cleaning, screening for oral cancer, X-rays, preventive care, and more.

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I practice general dentistry even though I have my tentacles in many areas of dentistry. I received my specialty training in prosthodontics but decided not to declare my specialty because I enjoy all the parts of dentistry. In my office we provide professional dental cleanings, my hygienists. What we stress is the importance of coming at least twice a year to the dentist. I always tell my patients "I warranty all my work" as long as they come in for service. If people are faithful in coming every six months, if there's something that goes wrong that I had done two or three prior I simply don't charge the patient to have it redone. As long as they come back so I can intervene soon enough to repair something that might have gone wrong. We stress the patient's responsibility to take care of their teeth. We only see them twice a year. I know the hygienists are very faithful in going over all the hygiene instructions, showing the patient how to floss, how to brush better. We recommend Sonicare toothbrushes just because they do a better job than a handheld brush can do on a regular basis. We do oral cancer screenings. We recommend that a patient get an oral cancer screening once a year. What that cancer screen allows us to do is see pre-cancerous lesions that we can refer patients out to have those areas addressed. The patient's responsibility in taking care of their teeth of course is of utmost importance. We see them maybe twice a year. If they don't do a good job at home whatever we do really doesn't count for much. We stress the importance of them taking care of their teeth. Here in the recent maybe couple years or so there's quite a lot in the press about the relationship between the systemic diseases and periodontal disease. How it can affect other areas of your body. So it's not just your teeth that can be affected if you don't take care of them at home yourself and come in for a regular dental cleaning.

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