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Ozark Comprehensive Dentistry offers dental implants to patients with missing or severely damaged teeth. Dr. Van Zyl considers dental implants to be the "Cadillac" of dentistry, as they are the best tooth replacement solution available. Not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants, but a consultation with Dr. Van Zyl at his Rogers, AR, practice will help patients determine the best tooth replacement method for their needs.

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Dental implants are a wonderful adjunct to a story of patients' mouths for those patients who are unfortunate enough to lose teeth for various reasons. Maybe it was a lack of finances at the time the tooth was hurting and they just couldn't afford to pay for a root canal and a crown, and the tooth was extracted. Or, maybe it fractured and had to be pulled. Instead of doing bridges like we used to do we're able now only to work with the space that has no tooth. Instead of destroying tooth structure on either side of the empty space to place a bridge we're able to just fill the empty space with an implant. Not everyone is a candidate for an implant. It all depends on the anatomy of the bone and the soft tissue that the patient presents with. That can always be augmented, so it all depends on how motivated the patient is to get an implant done. We can always do an implant. It just might take a lot more work to get to that point. The place where I've seen the biggest benefit with implants are for people who were dancers and also for people that are unfortunate to get knocked in the front of the mouth and a tooth is lost there. We can replace a single tooth there with an implant, too. It's a little bit more tricky there because we're working in the aesthetic zone, and whenever we work where people can see readily we have to be very careful. We're very diligent in managing the soft tissue and the hard tissue when there's a front tooth missing. But, implants, I always tell patients implants are the Cadillac of dentistry. That's the best we can offer. By far it beats any other type of restoration that we can give them in longevity and comfort.

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