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Ozark Comprehensive Dentistry, located in Rogers, AR, offers a variety of teeth whitening solutions for patients looking to brighten a dull or yellowing smile. Teeth whitening is the most cost effective and least invasive way a patient can enhance their smile, and we offer both in-office and take-home treatments. Dr. Van Zyl will help each patient decide which method will work best for their whitening needs.

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Teeth whitening is probably the most cost-effective and least invasive way to improve your smile. As we age more stain accumulates on the surface of the enamel and brushing and flossing and polishing at the dentist office cannot remove all of those intrinsic stains within the surface of the enamel. The easiest way to get rid of them is to bleach. Two ways that we bleach in my office, one is just with home trays. Basically the process involves the patient coming in, we make them impressions, we make custom bleach trays basically carrying trays that the patient then will wear on their teeth with the bleach and their. Depending on the strength of the solution they can be either from a half an hour to two hours a day that the patient would where the trays. The process takes about two weeks, sometimes more depending on how dark the teeth was before we started. The other way we do it is by using core bleaching. So with the core product what I've seen is patience experience a lot of sensitivity. The process basically involves the same thing as home bleaching. The patient comes in, we do the evaluation, we make molds, we make a custom bleach tray, they take those trays home with him for the next two weeks though bleach through the night. So basically what they do is they brush their teeth, paint on a desensitizing liquid then put the bleach in a tray, put the tray in their mouth and then go to bed. In the morning they take it out, they rinse the tray out, they brush their teeth, but more of the desensitizing agent on their and the process is repeated for the first two weeks. At the completion of the two week process their scheduled to come back into the office for the in office procedure. It takes about an hour and a half, it's three applications of a much stronger solution that enhances what is already taking place at home. Basically the first two weeks at home is a conditioning of the teeth surface to make it more susceptible to the in office product. After they're done with the in office product they go back home and bleach for two more weeks and that really gives a really good result in most cases.

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