CEREC machine and digital rendition of a crown

Dental Technology

Traditional dental processes are often effective but they can also be time-consuming, uncomfortable, and leave room for error.

To provide a better dental experience, Dr. Ettienne van Zyl has invested in the latest technology, including CEREC and diagnostic tools. 

How does advanced dental technology benefit you?

CEREC machine and digital rendition of a crown

Improved  Accuracy, Convenience & Results


Faster Procedures

Using tools like CEREC, a type of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) system, you can receive custom restorations in a single visit. Additionally, the machine uses dental-grade porcelain which provide an incredibly natural look. 

More Precise Treatment

Advancements in dental technology allow for more in-depth evaluations, typically leading to more accurate diagnoses of conditions such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Additionally, innovative tools used during the planning and treatment phases allow for much greater precision and efficiency.

Personally Tailored Outcomes

With better information about your oral health, your doctor is able to provide you with the best possible solution. Each treatment is tailored to your needs for improved comfort and results.

Tools like the K7 system can be critical to your diagnosis...

K7 evaluation system K7 evaluation system

Tools Used by Dr. van Zyl


CEREC creates same-day restorations. It is used to plan, design, and fabricate crowns and more, eliminating the need to wait about two weeks for an off-site lab.


The K7 system is used to diagnose TMJ disorder and the severity of your condition. This complex tool is able to evaluate the movement and muscle activity of the jaw.


Often used in TMJ disorder treatment, TENS is an electric massage system that helps relax muscles and relieve pain caused by the condition.

Dr. van Zyl is proud to offer state-of-the-art dental care...

CEREC One-Day Restorations

The practice of Dr. Ettienne Van Zyl is proud to offer patients one-day dental restorations using the revolutionary CEREC machine. CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology to create and mill same day dental crowns, veneers, inlays, and  onlays . The CEREC machine is incredibly convenient for patients, as they can now have dental restorations created and placed in a single visit. They no longer have to worry about wearing temporary teeth between visits.

Advanced Dental Technology


CEREC is an advanced Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system that allows Dr. van Zyl to construct perfect dental reconstructions while you wait. The CEREC system is composed of three parts:

  • A digital camera that precisely images your teeth as they are, creating a 3-D computer image of your teeth, instead of plaster impressions.
  • A CAD terminal that allows Dr. van Zyl to manipulate the image, transforming the teeth as they are into the teeth as you want them to be, a manipulation that the computer can interpret as a blueprint for your reconstructions.
  • A CAM mill where the computer follows Dr. van Zyl’s instructions and uses a diamond mill to shape the ceramic blocks that are the raw material of the restoration. These blocks come in many different colors so they can be precisely matched to the color of your teeth.

The advantages of the CEREC system are its speed, accuracy, and precision. You can have point-perfect restorations created while you wait, rather than having to wait for impressions sent off to the lab.

The disadvantage of the CEREC system is that it can only produce one restoration at a time, so it is often more efficient to send whole sets of veneers off to a lab for creation. And, any restoration that involves more than simply ceramic shapes (such as dental bridges or dentures) cannot be crafted on the CEREC mill, but for many restorations, such as porcelain inlays and onlays, CEREC allows you to have your custom-crafted point-perfect restoration while you wait.


The K7 is an advanced diagnostic system for determining whether and to what degree you suffer from TMD. The K7 system has three main components:

  • Computerized Mandibular Scanning (CMS) is a biomechanical analysis tool for assessing the precise movements of your jaw. It utilizes a magnetic tracking device and sensor array to measure the movement of your jaw to within 0.1 millimeters. It measures the movement in all directions, so that it can detect lateral as well as vertical tension, and can track whether your jaw follows a smooth, regular path or an irregular one that indicates tension or friction in movement.
  • Electromyography (EMG) is an electromagnetic system for measuring the activity of your muscles at any given position of your jaw. This instrument can tell whether any of your muscles are in tension when they should be relaxed, and help to determine the position of maximum rest for your jaw.
  • Sonography is the measurement of the sound of your temporomandibular joint as your jaw opens and closes. It can detect any friction or sudden shifting of the components of the jaw during movement. Together with the other components of the K7 system, this can help to identify the precise problems experienced by your jaw.

The K7 system is a state-of-the-art tool for TMD Diagnosis and can establish the presence and degree of TMD with greater precision than any other diagnostic tool.


Transcutaneous ElectroNeural Stimulation (TENS) is essentially an electric massage for the muscles of your face. A gentle, rhythmic pulse of electricity stimulates the muscles of your face to tense and relax in a pattern that helps them take in nutrition and eject wastes. It has almost no side effects and has a high degree of specificity for treating facial pain, confirmed by over 45 published studies.

Pairing Skill & Passion  for Exceptional Dental Care

Dr. Ettienne van Zyl and his team
Dr. van Zyl and his team are proud to care for your smile.

Dr. van Zyl is highly qualified to provide your dental treatment: 

  • Trained at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
  • Advanced knowledge in a broad spectrum of dental disciplines
  • Member of several prestigious dental organizations
  • Provides a full spectrum of treatment at his practice 

With a focus on personalized, comfortable care you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of care with Dr. van Zyl and his team. Call us at (479) 372-4500 to schedule your consultation.

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