Full Mouth Reconstruction Completely Restores the Health, Comfort, and Appearance of Your Smile

Suffering from multiple oral health issues at once can take a major toll on your quality of life. If your smile is severely compromised, we can help you to once again experience the health, comfort, and confidence you deserve. Full mouth reconstruction performed by Dr. Ettienne van Zyl at his Rogers, AR​-area dental practice combines several treatments to not only restore health and aesthetics, but also achieve a symbiotic balance between the teeth, jaws, muscles, and joints. 

Achieving Symbiotic Balance

Ozark Comprehensive Dentistry offers full mouth reconstruction treatments to patients who want to improve the health and appearance of their smile. Dr. Van Zyl and his team can combine a series of treatments, such as dental implants, dental bonding, and porcelain crowns, to dramatically improve a patient's smile. When performing a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Van Zyl takes great care to achieve a symbiotic balance between a patient's teeth, jaw, joints, and facial muscles.

Planning a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. van Zyl will first conduct a consultation to evaluate the condition of your teeth, gums, old restorations, bone structure, and joints. He will also evaluate the balance of your bite. Based on this data, he can recommend a treatment plan for rebuilding your smile. Combined treatments can include:

  • Dental implants: These titanium posts are surgically placed in the jaw to function as the root of the tooth. An artificial tooth is then secured to the post as a durable, long-lasting solution to missing teeth.
  • Dental crowns: Also called “caps,” crowns provide support after treatment for damage or decay. Dental crowns mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, and can be crafted to help you achieve a balanced bite. Crowns can also replace single missing teeth in conjunction with a dental implant.
  • A dental bridge: This restoration can replace one or more missing teeth. They can be supported by healthy adjacent teeth, or by dental implants.
  • Orthodontics: Dr. van Zyl provides traditional metal braces as well as ClearCorrect™, which consists of a series of clear, plastic aligners to gently shift the teeth into their proper position.
  • TMJ treatments:Neuromuscular treatments by Dr. van Zyl can alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder, such as headaches and jaw tension. He focuses on achieving real harmony between the jaws, joints, and muscles, rather than simply trying to alleviate immediate discomfort. He can diagnose and treat TMJ with transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation (TENS), an orthotic retainer, which is often worn at night, or orthodontic treatment. Dr. van Zyl is a neuromuscular dentist who focuses on achieving real harmony between the jaws, joints, and muscles, rather than simply trying to alleviate immediate discomfort.
  • Periodontal disease: Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease is addressed with scaling and root planing to clean deep below the gum lines, eliminating harmful bacteria.

Candidates for Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Full mouth reconstruction can benefit most patients suffering from combinations of:

  • Missing teeth due to decay or injury
  • Tooth decay
  • Periodontal disease
  • Teeth that are worn from acid erosion or tooth grinding
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Teeth that are severely damaged
  • Teeth that are misaligned, uneven, or incorrectly positioned
  • Overbite, underbite, crossbite
  • TMJ disorder

Learn More About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction by Dr. van Zyl can rehabilitate smiles in virtually any state of decay and disrepair. Under his care, you can expect that your new smile will not only look beautiful, but also provide invaluable long-term health benefits. To learn more about full mouth reconstruction, contact our dental practice today.

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