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Do you have to refrain from indulging in delicious crisp apples due to missing teeth? Do you avoid going out or being social because you are unhappy with your smile? If you have missing teeth due to poor oral hygiene, injury, disease, or genetics, your overall quality of life can improve once you undergo dental treatment. There are a number of affordable solutions to restore the functionality of the teeth and appearance of the smile – one of which includes dentures. Available to Rogers, AR -area patients of Dr. Ettienne van Zyl, dentures can make a significant difference in the way a person looks and feels. With advanced materials available today, dentures are more comfortable and life-like than ever. To learn more about dentures, contact our dental practice today. 

Benefits of Dentures

  • Customized just for your smile
  • Look and function just as natural teeth
  • Fit comfortably
  • Removable for easy maintenance
  • Enhance appearance
  • Provide facial support and improve a concave look
  • Prevent gum disease or bone loss
  • Eat the foods you want
  • Improve speaking ability; speak more clearly
  • Improve oral health
  • Enhance confidence

Types of Dentures We Offer

Our practice offers several types of dentures:

Implant-Supported Dentures

For centuries, patients have used dentures to replace up to an entire arch of missing teeth. However, traditional dentures rely on metal clasps, suction, or dental adhesives to remain in position. As a result, they can slip or fall out of place and interfere with speech, chewing, and other functions. Dental implants have revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry by allowing dentures patients to secure their partial or complete prosthesis with unparalleled strength and stability. Implant-supported dentures provide a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Aesthetics: Your permanent restoration will have a lifelike appearance that is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
  • Comfort: Your dentures will be custom-crafted to achieve a comfortable fit.
  • Stability: You can speak with confidence and enjoy eating all the sticky, crunchy, and chewy foods you love without worrying that your dentures will slip out of place.
  • Convenience: For patients who choose fixed prostheses implant-supported dentures, you will need to worry about removing or re-attaching your dentures on a daily basis.

Perhaps most importantly, dental implants can preserve the integrity of the jaw. When a patient experiences tooth loss, the surrounding area of the jawbone will begin to shrink, or atrophy, in the absence of tooth roots. Dental implants are the only restorative treatment that can halt this bone atrophy. Once dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw, they integrate with the bone, providing the stimulation necessary to maintain bone density in the area around the implant.

Dr. van Zyl is proud to offer removable and attached implant supported dentures. With the removable option, the dentures snap to the implants and can be removed for cleaning. Attached implant dentures remain affixed to the implants, and are not removed for hygiene routines by the patient.

While it offers many important advantages, this type of denture is not right for everyone. Certain health conditions can preclude patients from dental implants. Meanwhile, if you have experienced extensive bone atrophy, you may require a bone graft before undergoing dental implants surgery. Dr. van Zyl can review your candidacy for implant-supported restorations during a consultation.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are removable restorations that typically consist of a gum-colored acrylic base supporting artificial teeth made of dental-grade porcelain. They usually attach to surrounding teeth, or they are secured with mild dental adhesives. Traditional removable dentures can be an effective restorative solution for patients who are seeking:

  • Minimally invasive treatment: Traditional dentures do not require surgery or extensive recovery times.
  • Affordability: Traditional dentures are at least partially covered under most dental insurance plans.
  • Aesthetics: Your denture will be custom-crafted to look natural and attractive.

Other Denture Options

Dr. van Zyl's patients may also select the following denture types:

  • Cosmetic dentures - these high-end dentures combine top-quality dental porcelain teeth with a customized pink resin denture base for a memorable smile.
  • Neuromuscular dentures - by using advanced neuromuscular principles, these dentures provide unsurpassed denture fit and function. What's more, the dentures complement patients' facial features in such a way to create the appearance of a subtle facial lift. 
  • Immediate dentures - for your convenience, Dr. van Zyl can extract your teeth and place your dentures in the same day.

Candidates for Dentures

The best way to learn whether dentures are right for you is to meet with Dr. van Zyl for a consultation. Ideal candidates include individuals who are missing some or all of their teeth or are about to lose their teeth. If patients have periodontal disease or any other harmful condition, it is important that it is treated prior to wearing dentures.

Which Type of Denture is Right for Me?

If you are a candidate for dentures, Dr. van Zyle will help you determine the best type of denture for you. Choosing the right type of denture will depend on your preferences, budget, oral health, and other factors. Dr. van Zyl and his team are committed to delivering dental solutions that provide long-term satisfaction.

Image of smiling man with dentures
Dentures restore oral function for a renewed and youthful new smile.

Traditional Dentures Procedure

The first, and most important, step in the process is the consultation with Dr. van Zyl, during which time he will perform a thorough examination to review your aesthetic goals, oral health needs, and other factors to identify an ideal restorative solution and present all of your treatment options. 

However, once you decide that dentures are the best route for achieving your oral health and aesthetic goals, Dr. van Zyl will make impressions of the upper and lower arches and take a wax bite relationship of how the upper and lower teeth will come together, ensuring the best possible fit. You will have an integral part in the selection of the color, size, shape, and overall look of your denture.

Before the final product is given to you, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the position of the teeth, the overall appearance of the dentures and make adjustments if necessary. Once your approval is given, the dentures are finalized.

During your next appointment, Dr. van Zyl will have you try in the dentures to ensure they are comfortable and to your liking. He will make any adjustments as necessary before you leave with your new, complete, beautiful smile. Dr. van Zyl will provide you with instructions for properly maintaining your dentures.

Receiving Implant-supported Dentures

Qualifying patients who wish to receive an implant-supported denture will need to undergo a multi-step process that spans several months. After developing a comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. van Zyl will surgically embed the implants directly into the jawbone. The implants will be left to heal for four to six months, and they will fuse with the surrounding bone. We can provide a temporary restoration to wear during this time. Once healed, you will return for a second procedure to have an abutment placed. An abutment is a connector that rests above the gumline and attaches to the denture. When the gums have fully healed, you will return to our office to receive your permanent partial or complete denture.

Cost of Dentures

The cost of your dentures will vary depending on whether you receive an implant-supported or traditional prosthesis:

Traditional Dentures 

Traditional dentures cost less than implant-supported dentures. These dentures can be fabricated using acrylic for a natural look. We also offer dentures made from porcelain, which offer unrivaled translucence, resistance to chips and stains, and a more natural appearance than acrylic. Porcelain dentures entail more of an investment, but many patients feel that the confidence and peace of mind they provide make them worth the added cost. Most insurance plans contribute to dentures, and Ozark Comprehensive Dentistry will determine if your insurance plan can help cover the cost of your dentures.

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function.

Implant-Supported Dentures

When it comes to supporting your dentures, there is no better solution than dental implants. An implant-supported denture attaches to implant posts that have been surgically placed in the jawbone. Patients can take advantage of this option when they have no remaining teeth, but their jawbone is healthy enough to support implants. Implant-supported dentures require a more significant investment than traditional dentures.

The total cost of implant-supported dentures includes the sum of the dentures themselves, with associated costs:

  • The cost of implant surgery 
  • The cost of implants, which varies depending upon how many are placed
  • Any necessary sedation 
  • All restoration(s) placed
  • Any preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting

Despite the greater cost, dental implants are simply the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function. In addition to their many benefits, implant-supported dentures may never require alteration. This advantage can save you time and money in the long run. 

Financing Your Treatment

We understand that not all patients can afford the entire cost of treatment at once. We offer flexible patient financing and have experience tailoring treatment plans to patients' unique lifestyles and budgets. We are familiar with many insurance plans and can recommend which course of financial action is in your best interests.  

Risks or Side Effects of Dentures

Dr. van Zyl will discuss any potential risks or side effects prior to beginning treatment, which may include increased salivation or mild discomfort. Dentures typically take some getting used to at first and patients can experience difficulty eating and speaking. However, symptoms should subside once the patient adjusts to having the new apparatus in the mouth.

Dr. van Zyl is skilled in making sure dentures are the right fit for patients; therefore, any such side effects are greatly reduced.

Learn More about Dentures

If you are missing teeth, it is important to seek treatment right away. With the advanced dental technology available today, there are various options to help restore the functionality and beauty of your smile. And Dr. van Zyl will find the right solution for you. To learn more about dentures, contact our dental practice today

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