What to Expect During and After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are a life-changing treatment that can restore your smile and oral health. These small titanium posts require a surgical procedure to insert them in your jaw to replace lost tooth roots. They can then provide superior support for dental restorations. Dr. Ettienne van Zyl is dedicated to providing the most advanced care for our patients. With his experience and skill, you can receive personalized, safe dental implant surgery at his Rogers, AR, office. 

Preparing for Surgery

Dr. van Zyl is dedicated to providing the most comfortable, convenient care for his patients. Using advanced technology, he can perform more precise dental implant surgery procedures for higher rates of success and improved healing. Highly accurate 3-D imaging and scans allow Dr. van Zyl to determine if your jaw is strong enough and has sufficient density to receive dental implants. This imaging also allows him to determine the best way to rebuild your jaw if you have lost bone tissue, as well as the strongest areas of your jaw to place your dental implants.

Illustration of a dental implant with a crown going into a hole in the jaw
Dental implant surgery places the implant posts securely into your jaw bone. 

Implant Surgery Procedure

On the day of your procedure, you will receive anesthesia and sedation for your comfort. The type of sedation you require will depend on your needs and anxiety level. Our team will ensure you are fully comfortable and ready before we begin your surgery.

Once you are ready, Dr. van Zyl will begin by making an incision in your gums to allow access to your bone. He will then drill pilot holes for your implant posts using the advanced imaging to target the precise placement for your implants. Dr. van Zyl will then screw the small, threaded implant posts into your jaw. When your implant posts are in place, Dr. van Zyl will close the incisions in your gums so the implants can heal together with the bone. 

Your entire procedure should only take one to two hours, depending on the number of implant posts you are receiving. You will most likely require someone to drive you home because the sedation will still be in your system once the surgery is over. Dr. van Zyl will provide detailed aftercare instructions and guidelines to help you recover quickly and successfully.

When healing is complete, you will need a second, smaller surgery to uncover the implants and have an abutment (connector) attached to the tops. After your gums heal, Dr. van Zyl can attach your final dental restoration to the implants. 

What to Expect during Recovery

Immediately following your procedure, you may feel drowsy and disoriented from the sedation. These effects should fade within a couple of hours. Most patients typically only require a couple of days off from work. You may experience some swelling and bruising for up to a week after your surgery. Any discomfort can typically be managed with over-the-counter medications, but we can also provide a prescription for stronger painkillers if necessary.  

Dr. van Zyl will provide detailed aftercare instructions and guidelines to help you recover quickly and successfully.

For the first few days after implant placement surgery, you should eat a soft diet to prevent aggravating the incision sites. Many patients compare the recovery timeline and experience to undergoing wisdom tooth removal. However, over the next three to six months, your jaw will fuse around your implant posts, creating a permanent foundation for lifelike restorations. 

Receive Expert Treatment

With Dr. van Zyl's experience, advanced technology, and dedication to patient care, you can receive the highest quality of dental implants treatment. Contact our office today to begin your journey to restored oral health and a full smile.

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