Choose Metal-free Fillings to Seamlessly Restore Damaged Teeth

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At the Collierville dental practice of Dr. Ettienne Van Zyl, patients can receive beautiful, tooth-colored dental fillings. Metal or amalgam filings were very popular years ago, but with advances in dental materials, tooth-colored composite resin fillings are now the preferred filling option for many dentists, including Dr. Van Zyl. Patients are pleased with the seamless, natural-looking appearance of tooth-colored fillings, and best of all, these fillings are completely metal-free.

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Beautiful woman exclaiming with hands on either side of faceDental fillings are one of the oldest and most reliable methods of restoration. Today, patients often turn to metal-free fillings when they need to treat a cavity. Also known as tooth-colored fillings, these fillings offer a number of aesthetic and health advantages over traditional metal fillings. If you have been diagnosed with a cavity or want to replace an old amalgam filling, you can benefit from Dr. Ettienne van Zyl's metal-free fillings at his Memphis practice. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Restoring Your Smile with Dental Fillings

Fillings are used to restore and repair a tooth after it has been treated for mild damage or decay. For teeth that have suffered greater damage, restorations that cover a larger area of the tooth's surface, such as inlays and onlays, may be appropriate. Similarly, a tooth that has suffered extensive damage may need a dental crown that fits over the entire tooth, providing optimal support.

To place a filling, your dentist will first remove any decay and thoroughly clean the tooth. Composite material will be applied, hardened with a curing light, and shaped to comfortably fit within your bite. Tooth-colored fillings are immediately functional and require no special care other than good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings. 

Filling Materials

Traditional dental fillings were made of metal amalgamations. This type of filling effectively protected the tooth, but was very conspicuous in appearance. Additionally, some metal fillings proved to have associated health risks. In recent years, composite tooth-colored fillings that are completely free of metal have become popular. Many people are choosing this material for first-time fillings, or to replace their older amalgam fillings.

Advantages of Metal-free Dental Fillings

There are a number of reasons to choose metal-free fillings including:

  • Health benefits – Composite fillings do not contain mercury, which can be found in trace amounts in older amalgam fillings. Though it has not been proven, many people are concerned mercury fillings will be harmful to their health and want to avoid this risk altogether.
  • Long-lasting restoration – Unlike composite fillings, metal fillings can expand in extreme cold or heat, resulting in damage to the tooth's structure over time.
  • No risk of allergic reaction – Though rare, some patients have allergic reactions to amalgam fillings. Reactions to the amalgam are similar to other skin allergies and can include rashes and itching.
  • Superior strength – Tooth-colored composite fillings bond directly to the tooth and provide it with a level of stability that metal fillings cannot.
  • Cosmetic considerations – The obvious appearance of metal against enamel makes tooth-colored fillings a superior cosmetic choice. In addition to the metallic areas on the biting surface of the tooth, metal fillings can begin to show beneath tooth enamel, giving the tooth a grayish appearance.

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