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The best way to ensure that your teeth and gums remain as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, is to practice good oral hygiene, which includes brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist at least twice a year. Many individuals believe that just by brushing and maybe sometimes flossing, the teeth will remain clean and free from harmful bacteria. This, however, is not the case; seeing the dentist is imperative to preventing oral health problems from occurring.

Dr. Ettienne van Zyl offers a comprehensive range of general dentistry procedures to his Rogers, AR -area patients. Our comfortable, serene office is a place where our patients receive nothing short of exceptional dental care. Dr. van Zyl, his dental hygienist, and the entire staff are knowledgeable, highly-trained, and compassionate. We perform every procedure with a skilled yet gentle hand, for optimal patient peace of mind. We will equip you and your family with the necessary tools for keeping smiles healthy and happy for an entire lifetime.  To learn more about general dentistry, contact our practice today

General Dentistry Procedures

The following procedures are performed during routine office visits:

A smiling woman sitting in the dentist's chairExamination – Dr. van Zyl first conducts a thorough examination of the teeth and gums. He looks for any potential issues, such as decay or gum disease, that are immediately evident. He also inspects previously placed restorations to make sure they are still intact and looking healthy. Lastly, Dr. van Zyl performs an oral cancer screening, which involves checking the cheeks, gums, tongue, and entire mouth for any signs of oral cancer.

X-Rays – X-Rays should be taken annually for a more in-depth look at the entire mouth, including the bite, jaw, and facial bone structure. X-rays reveal any deeper issues occurring in places that are not visible to the naked eye, such as in-between the teeth and below the gum line.    

Professional teeth cleaning – Our caring hygienists administer a thorough teeth cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar buildup. A professional cleaning is more effective for removing harmful bacteria than an at-home brushing. The hygienist flosses in-between your teeth and polishes the teeth for a bright, healthy glow.

Preventative Dentistry – Dr. van Zyl may recommend dental sealant, which is a plastic coating that “seals” tiny cracks and grooves on the back teeth that are most susceptible to decay. Fluoride gel containing healthy minerals may also be applied to the teeth to prevent harmful bacteria from causing decay or disease. Preventive measures are particularly beneficial for young children whose teeth are still developing. 

At-home oral care – Dr. van Zyl wants to make sure patients are educated on proper at-home dental techniques, including brushing, flossing, and rinsing. We will answer any questions and take the time to inform you of correct at-home care to keep teeth healthy in between visits.  

Sedation Dentistry - For patients with dental anxieties, or who are receiving extensive dental work, Dr. van Zyl is proud to offer sedation therapy. We can help you decide which sleep dentistry option can best help you relax, so you can receive the dental care that you need. 

General Dentistry Treatments

If any issues are discovered during your routine office visit, Dr. van Zyl administers the necessary treatments, which may include:

Metal-free dental fillings – Dr. van Zyl removes any decay first and then fills the open space with tooth-colored composite material. The filling blends with the natural tooth for an inconspicuous appearance.

Root canal therapy – If decay reaches the center of the tooth, root canal therapy is necessary, which involves removing the infected tooth pulp and nerve and cleaning the inside of the tooth. The doctor then fills the tooth or places a dental crown.

Orthodontics - Dr. van Zyl offers both traditional orthodontics and invisible braces to help our patients bring their teeth into proper alignment. He will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to give you the smile that you deserve.

TMJ treatment – Dr. van Zyl diagnoses and treats TMJ disorders, the improper alignment of the lower jaw and jaw joints, often causing pain or tension. Using the information obtained from State of the Art Neuromuscular equipment, Dr. van Zyl is able to determine the best position for the lower jaw, allowing the jaw , jaw joints, teeth and supporting muscles to function harmoniously in a tension free environment.

Sleep Apnea Treatment - Patients who suffer from sleep apnea can benefit greatly from a customized oral appliance that is designed to reposition the muscles in and around the mouth to keep an open airway while you sleep. 

Periodontal Care - Nearly one out of every two adults in the U.S. has periodontal disease. Even with attentive brushing and flossing, plaque or tartar can build up in a person's teeth, leading to inflamed gums and potential tooth loss. Dr. van Zyl can help keep bacteria at bay with both regular cleanings and more advanced treatments. 

Extractions - Most patients need to have teeth removed at some point in their lives, whether they are impacted wisdom teeth or teeth too damaged by decay to function properly. If necessary, Dr. van Zyl can extract your teeth with minimal discomfort. 

Learn More about General Dentistry

At the dental practice of Dr. van Zyl, we love nothing more than seeing patients have a clean bill of oral health. To learn more about general dentistry, contact our practice today.

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