Factors Affecting Your Smile Makeover Cost

If there is more than one aspect of your smile that you feel could be improved, the expert treatment of Dr. Etienne van Zyl can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. He can combine multiple cosmetic procedures into a smile makeover to transform your smile and help you feel more confident. To properly plan for your treatment, you can discuss which procedures you wish to undergo and your estimated smile makeover cost at our Memphis, TN, office. 

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Many patients consider a smile makeover to be a worthwhile financial investment.

Determining the Cost of Your Treatment

When you undergo a smile makeover, your cosmetic treatment is specially designed and customized for your smile and exact needs. With this personalization, the cost of your makeover will depend on a variety of factors. 

Restorative and General Procedures

In order to undergo cosmetic procedures, you must be in good oral health. Conditions such as decay or oral damage can limit the success of your aesthetic results. If you require a root canal therapy to treat infected teeth, dental fillings to repair tooth structure after suffering from decay, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment to prevent oral damage, these treatments can contribute to your overall expense.

Number and Extent of Procedures

The more procedures you undergo, the higher your overall cost will be. Planning your treatment beforehand will help you to choose the options that will be most beneficial for your smile. The amount of work being completed with each procedure will also affect the price, such as receiving several porcelain veneers instead of only one or two.

Procedures Chosen

More extensive procedures can often provide longer-lasting results, but can increase the cost of your treatment. Undergoing treatment with ClearCorrect™ braces will cost more than receiving dental bonding or veneers to conceal minor orthodontic issues. Similarly, porcelain veneers can provide a much brighter smile, but will be require more of an investment than teeth whitening.

Anesthesia and Sedation

Typically, your treatment cost will not include the expense of added anesthesia or sedation. The more pain management that you require, the higher your cost will be. However, planning your makeover in advance can help you undergo multiple treatments at once, reducing the amount of anesthesia or sedation you require and lowering your cost.

Dr. van Zyl is focused on helping patients to be confident and comfortable in their smiles by providing individualized smile makeovers based on their specific needs and goals.

Materials Used

Different restorations such as dental crowns can address misshapen or stained teeth with lifelike, durable results. Patients have several options to choose from. More advanced materials such as zirconia or specialized porcelain can provide significantly natural-looking results, but can cost more than other materials.

Expert, Quality Care for Your Investment

When you undergo a smile makeover with an experienced cosmetic dentist such as Dr. van Zyl, you can be sure that you will receive the best quality care. He has over 20 years of experience, advanced technology, and a sincere dedication to patient satisfaction. Dr. van Zyl is focused on helping patients to be confident and comfortable in their smiles by providing individualized smile makeovers based on their specific needs and goals.

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