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Mar 8

Dr. van Zyl offers a range of treatments to address the unique needs of senior patients. Find out more about dental care for seniors, here.

Dec 5
Tagged with: General Dentistry

Routine cleanings and dental exams are an essential part of general dentistry treatments, helping address various problems.

Sep 4

Studies have shown that gum disease may be linked to heart problems and cardiovascular issues. Let's explored this connection.

Jun 4

Good dental health during pregnancy is important for total wellness. This is why general and preventative dentistry are important.

Mar 10

There are many different factors that can cause bad breath. Dr. van Zyl will determine the most effective general dentistry treatment for your needs.

Dec 5

Intrinsic dental stains originate within the teeth while extrinsic tooth discoloration happens at the enamel surface. Different cosmetic dentistry options can whiten your smile.

Sep 4

Painful root canal infections can be treated. Root canal therapy can treat root canal infections and restore oral health.  

Jun 5

Chronic dry mouth can threaten oral health and indicate a more serious underlying condition. Find out why it’s important to seek treatment.

May 9

Tooth erosion and decay leave cavities in their wake, and the holes in your teeth will only grow worse if the infection isn’t stopped.

May 2

Finding a cosmetic dentist that works for you isn’t difficult, if you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

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