Why Good Dental Care During Pregnancy Is Important

By Ettienne Van Zyl on June 04, 2015

A couple in a grassy fieldYour dental health and general wellness are linked. This is seems obvious, but you might be surprised to learn how much a dental problem can really affect your health. That why the team at van Zyl Center for Advanced Dentistry here in Memphis takes a holistic approach to general dentistry and total wellness.

Studies have shown that women who experience dental health issues during pregnancy (particularly gum disease) are more likely to experience issues with their pregnancy and childbirth. While this doesn't mean that gum disease can lead to major health issues for a mother and her child, it does mean that staying as healthy as you can is the best thing you can do if you are pregnant.

Visit Your Dentist if You're Actively Trying to Have a Child

For women who are actively trying to have a child, it's important that they visit their dentist for a checkup. This will allow any and all dental problems to be addressed in a timely manner. If major dental therapies need to be performed, they can be at this time to improve the chances of a healthy and problem-free pregnancy.

Pregnant Patients Should Visit Their Dentist for Regularly Scheduled Checkups

During pregnancy, a woman should attend all of her usual dental checkups as scheduled. This is just a way to have dental wellness monitored and for minor issues to be addressed during the pregnancy.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women can expect to undergo routine cleanings in order to remove plaque and tartar deposits. Your dentist may also provide some tips on the ideal options for good oral hygiene to consider.

Pregnant patients should mention any supplements or vitamins that they may be on, as these can affect dental health and wellness to a certain degree.

Avoiding the Use of X-rays and Postponing Major Dental Procedures

During pregnancy, dentists will take great care to avoid taking x-rays or performing major dental therapies. This is just a safety precaution for the sake of the mother and of her child.

The only time that x-rays or major dental therapies may be performed during pregnancy is if there is a major dental emergency that affects a woman's general health. These matters tend to be rare.

Dental Care After the Birth of Your Child

After you have given birth, dental treatments and visits return to normal. Any major dental therapies that were postponed during pregnancy can be carried out, and x-rays can also be taken again.

When to Bring Your Baby to the Dentist for the First Time

Ideally, parents should bring their baby to the dentist for the first time within six months of the emergence of the first tooth. This allows the child to start a dental record and for parents to receive some helpful tips for good oral hygiene in their young child.

Learn More About Ideal Options for Dental Care

To learn more about all of the ways that you can ensure good general wellness through excellent dental health, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. We at van Zyl Center for Advanced Dentistry look forward to your visit and helping you be as happy and healthy as possible.

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