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Dec 5

Intrinsic dental stains originate within the teeth while extrinsic tooth discoloration happens at the enamel surface. Different cosmetic dentistry options can whiten your smile.

Sep 4

Painful root canal infections can be treated. Root canal therapy can treat root canal infections and restore oral health.  

Jun 5

Chronic dry mouth can threaten oral health and indicate a more serious underlying condition. Find out why it’s important to seek treatment.

May 9

Tooth erosion and decay leave cavities in their wake, and the holes in your teeth will only grow worse if the infection isn’t stopped.

May 2

Finding a cosmetic dentist that works for you isn’t difficult, if you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

Apr 1

Veneers from Dr. Ettiene van Zyl can completely transform your smile. You may also be surprised to learn about the simplicity of porcelain veneers aftercare.

Mar 18

With ClearCorrect™, you can benefit from straight teeth without the hassle of metal braces. See if you’re a candidate for this orthodontic treatment.

Feb 5

If you suffer from chronic jaw pain, it may be a symptom of a temporomandibular disorder, commonly called TMD or TMJ. Here are the common causes of TMD.

Jan 7

With dental implants, you can effectively replace one or more missing teeth, but not everyone is an immediate candidate; a bone graft may be required.

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