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Dec 25
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We invite our Memphis area patients to learn about the many advantages of traditional orthodontic braces.

Dec 5

Our Memphis patients are enjoying the benefits of improved function and appearance with full mouth reconstruction. Find out if you're a candidate!

Nov 25

Patients at our Memphis cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry practice experiencing TMJ symptoms may benefit from orthodontic treatments.

Nov 5

Memphis cosmetic dentist Ettienne van Zyl may recommend teeth whitening to patients receiving porcelain veneers.

Oct 30

Dr. Ettienne van Zyl provides porcelain veneers at a reasonable cost to his Memphis patients to help them restore confidence in their smiles. 

Oct 25

Dr. Ettienne van Zyl can help his Memphis patients avoid months of orthodontic treatment with the instant orthodontics treatment.

Sep 25

At his Memphis restorative dentistry practice, cosmetic dentist Ettienne van Zyl uses dental bonding to improve the appearance of patients’ smiles.

Aug 25

Patients in the Memphis area who are in need of dental crowns can count on Dr. Ettienne van Zyl to go over the different types of dental crowns available and help you determine which one is right for you.

Jul 25

For tooth decay that cannot be treated with a traditional dental filling, Dr. Ettienne van Zyl offers his Memphis patients inlays and onlays treatment.

Feb 9
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